Open House Update

Open houses are, for many Realtors and their clients, an important part of their marketing plan. These events allow interested buyers who may otherwise not of visited a listing, an opportunity to do so. But how do you responsibly run an open house during a pandemic?

We at R. W. Dyer Realty have thought a lot about that question and, as a result, have made significant changes to how we run open houses. Gone are the days of open houses with dozens of guests visiting simultaneously. In its place, we have instituted the following protocols to allow open houses to proceed safely:

  1. All open house guests will undergo a pre-screening.
  2. Contact details will be collected prior to entry to support effective contact tracing.
  3. Hand sanitizer and masks will be available for all guests.
  4. All guests must wear a mask during their visit per provincial guidelines.
  5. One group with a maximum of 3 people (including their Realtor) will be allowed in the open house at a time.
  6. Every group visiting will be given 10 minutes in the home. More time will be allotted for viewing outside areas.
  7. While inside, our team member-host will maintain a safe distance while answering any questions you may have about the property.
  8. If a line forms outside, guests are asked to maintain social distancing. We will do our best to get you through the home as quickly as possible.
  9. Guests will be asked to refrain from touching door handles and light switches when inside. If you would like to see how something works, ask our team member – we will be happy to help.
  10. Open houses will NOT be held in any tenanted property. If you want to visit a listing which is tenanted, please contact the listing agent to arrange a private showing.

We really care about our clients and their well-being. Ensuring that buyers and sellers feel safe during an open house in a pandemic is extremely important to us as we want to treat everyone we meet as if they were a member of our own family.

If you are not yet ready to attend an open house, we get it! Instead, please contact the listing agent to arrange a private viewing. At R. W. Dyer Realty, we want to make your buying or selling experience an exceptional one.

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