Appraiser Jill Callaghan is Retiring

In 1999, R.W. Dyer Realty hired their first (non-related) employee – a residential appraiser named Jill Callaghan.

Jill had a background in banking and an interest in architecture and construction. After a short articling period, she was granted the Canadian Residential Appraiser (CRA) designation from the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

During her time with our team, Jill proved to be an appraiser with a heart. She cared about her clients and aimed to give a fair and honest appraisal for every home she visited. Jill loved inspecting and viewing all different types of properties and that her work gave her the ability to not be chained behind a desk all day.

With a passion for travelling and riding her motorcycle, Jill has decided to hang up her appraisal hat and retire to a life of travel and open roads.

We have appreciated getting to know Jill over the years and we want to thank her for her many years of service. We will miss seeing Jill’s ever smiling face around the office and will always think of her as part of the Dyer Realty family.

To Jill – we hope you enjoy your freedom and unlimited weekends! Congratulations on your retirement!

Jill Callaghan on a motorcycle with a quote "Retirement is not the end of hte road. It is the beginning of an open highway." Congratulations message.

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